Diagnodent – Colorado Springs CO

Prevention instead of treatment

Patients are becoming increasingly health conscious and are taking more trouble to preserve their healthy tooth substance. In other words, the dentist is required to detect the smallest defects. The better and earlier the diagnosis, the better therapy may be planned. If interventions are necessary, then as far as possible only minimally invasive intervention with tooth-colored fillings are required.

Benefits to you

Diagnodent permits use of minimally invasive treatments without unnecessary preparation – ideal adjunct to air abrasion and micro rotary instruments. For the first time, allows the quantification of caries activity over time with a precise and reliable measurement. Reproducible results permit checking, stabilization and documentation of caries. Ideal device for the hygienist to detect suspicious areas needing further examination. Is conservative by avoiding “exploratory” excavation of suspect teeth. Extremely accurate diagnostic aid. Proven to be over 90% accurate. Early detection of pathological changes that are undiagnosed by conventional examination methods (e.g. initial lesions, demineralization and changes in the enamel, fissure caries). No scratching probe: simple, fast and painless examination. Increases operator and patient confidence about treatment decisions due to accurate visual and acoustic representation of measured values. No x-ray exposure or and patient confidence about treatment decisions due to accurate visual and acoustic representation of measured values. No x-ray exposure.